Broken Tooth

How are Broken Teeth Treated?

How a broken tooth is treated will depend on the damage done and the overall health of the tooth. The health of the surrounding teeth and gums will also play a role in treatment. When the tooth and surrounding area is healthy it can usually be repaired. Usually a crown is used to repair the tooth. A crown surrounding the entire tooth to help make it stronger and protect it from further damage and decay. The tooth will be cleaned before the crown is applied to ensure the tooth will be healthy under the crown. When the tooth is not as healthy, an infection is present, or the break occurs at or below the gum line it will most likely have to be removed. The gap can be repaired with a dental implant, bridge, or partial denture. On some occasions, the decayed tooth can be repaired with a root canal and crown.

Why Does a Chipped Tooth Need Treatment?

Chipped teeth are damaged and that area of injury can leave the entire tooth open to the invasion of bacteria and cause further decay. Chipped teeth can also interfere with how a person bites down and how teeth line up, causing balance issues. This can also cause uneven wear on the surrounding teeth and can even lead to jaw pain or headaches. Additionally, chipped teeth don’t look very nice. Repairing a chip can help a patient to feel less self conscious about his or her smile.

What Can I Do to Keep my Teeth from Breaking?

Healthy teeth are far less likely to be the victims of breakage. Regular brushing and flossing in addition to getting teeth cleaned by the dentist every six months are important to keeping teeth strong and healthy. If you play sports or are involved in activities where your mouth might receive a trauma, wear a mouth guard. Also don’t use your teeth to pry off lids or chew on hard substances such as ice.


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