Dental Check-ups

What Occurs During an Adult or Pediatric Dental Checkup? 

At Flatbush Family Dentist, the doctor offers both pediatric and adult checkups to ensure that the patients maintain proper oral hygiene and receive cleanings throughout their lives. The exams are designed to be comprehensive and make sure that any decay or disease which is found is treated in its earliest stage. Both checkups begin with collecting medical and dental histories to help the doctor identify any potential issues which may contribute to the oral health of the patient. For example, tooth decay and gum disease risks are greater among patients with diabetes. Any issues being experienced or any concerns a parent has for his or her child will also be discussed. The doctor will then examine the patient’s teeth and thoroughly assess each tooth for damage spots or decay. The doctor will also check for signs of gum disease. Oral cancer screenings are also available for adult patients. Lastly, patients will be educated on any changes to their dental hygiene routines which are necessary and about any treatments which are needed.

How Often Should an Adult or Pediatric Dental Checkup Be Performed? 

Both the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry inform people that regular checkup should occur twice a year or every six months.

What Can I do to Keep My Teeth Healthy? What about My Child?

For both children and adults, maintaining good oral hygiene habits is very important and regular brushing and flossing are a must. Sugary beverages and foods can cause bacteria in the mouth to multiply so it is best to avoid these. Mouth guards should also be worn during sporting activities to prevent injuries to the mouth and teeth. If you or your child are guilty of teeth grinding it is also important to wear a night guard. Teeth should also not be used to pry off lids and avoid chewing on hard candy and ice.


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